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Cream of chicken soup recipe from scratch



Hello there everyone!

so it has been a long long time since I barely posted anything , I sincerely apologize for inactivity , soo many people have requested soo many recipes and I have literally been lost in my own little world of freelancing , after watching a bit of my idol chef Gordon Ramsay , my cooking passion has come back to me , and I am back with a recipe I was begging people to teach me , I saw a couple recipes on the internet , after trying many recipes , I turned out adjusting my own recipe! .. and to be honest I’m not a “cream of chicken soup” fan , I always kind of hated it , but it’s one of my favorites now

NOTE: I’m not a chef or an expert , so I don’t bother measuring things (LOL) I just  throw in this and that and adjust till I sense the right consistency , so I apologize if y’all face any trouble making the soup , I’m soo used to making it , I barely measure the ingredients at all , so I hope y’all are smart enough to handle the measurements , I may be an software engineering geek , but I’m really not nerdy enough to remember, how much and blah blah blah .. so good luck! ( I feel rather guilty and ashamed to be honest )

so anyways here we go!


bone less chicken or 2 chicken breasts , (cubed or stripped)


3 diced or sliced carrots

1 celery

1 medium green/spring/white onions , or your typical onions

salt and pepper to taste

Italian seasoning for garnishing

3 leeks

Mushrooms (optional)

2 cups store bought chicken broth or chicken stock cubes will do

1 packet fresh cream


  1. so first things first , boil the vegetables in the store bought broth , or dissolve 2 chicken stock cubes in 2 cups of water , add vegetables , salt and pepper to taste and boil until cooked , strain/remove vegetables , and pour the broth in a separate pot ,   since we’re not making chicken broth the traditional way ( which is by boiling chicken with bones ofcourse)  , in a separate pan cook the chicken in butter , salt and pepper to taste until tender , then set aside.                                                                   (NOTE: you can make your own chicken broth by boiling chicken with BONES if you prefer it that way , but since you have to shred the boiled chicken later on , that turned out to be absolutely tasteless in my experience, plus cooking the chicken cubed separately gives it a fine neat finish and that’s lovely!)
  2. in a separate pot (LOL just how many pots and pans are we using exactly?) , heat 5 tablespoons of butter on medium to high heat , add 4 tablespoons of flour , stir keep stirring , once the mixture is well incorporated and boiling , whilst stirring , slowly and partly pour half of the chicken broth , keep stirring until no lumps are visible ( I would recommend using a heavy duty whisk for that ) , pour in the fresh cream and stir until no traces are visible , add the cooked chicken , then pour in the rest of the broth while stirring constantly.
  3. when you sense the right consistency turn the heat off , and serve!                               (NOTE: if the soup is too thick you can always add more water , if it’s too watery , cook for a long time on low heat , or thicken it by adding flour dissolved in water whilst boiling)


TIP : serve sprinkled with Italian seasoning , chunks of toasted seasoned bread and cheese sticks ,….or in seasoned bread bowls! … the way I like to serve this soup 😉


Mmmmm looks beautiful eh? well do try this recipe and let me know how it went

Tell you what? , I’ll upload the bread bowl recipe too!

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Thank you soo much for reading

Naked palette review

Hey whats up my people?

So today I decided to review another product  , The Naked palette by UrbanDecay®

I got the basic one , it’s quite old actually and UrbanDecay® has actually released Naked 2 , 3 and Smoky , those are like way more gorgeous and I’m soo getting them , but this one ain’t bad either! , you can actually do a lot with this basic palette , and it’s perfect for wearing everyday plus totally worth the hype 🙂

I absolutely love the packaging

naked edited 1.jpg

and well surprisingly there was no application tool in there , but I’m not gonna bitch about it , but I just love the palette overall , I should’ve bought Naked2 , because it has all the shades in this palette, plus more gorgeous both shimmery and smokey shades , I gotta say it’s a must have , you can literally pull of any look with this palette and that’s just amazing , again pricey , but worth it!

Now lets look at the shades here

naked test.jpg

so these are the shades ,

naked palette edited.jpg

aren’t they gorgeous? think about how beautiful the other palettes are!

I’m gonna review those as soon as I get them , subscribe to my blog and get notified instantly when I do!

till next time folks :-* hope your having a great day!

Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour palette review

Hey whats up you guys , so lets talk about everybody’s favourite contour palette from AnastasiaBeverlyHills® , seriously when the palette was released , I would’ve literally done anything to get it , but turns out I didn’t have to do much , it’s a little pricey but totally worth it , and I gotta say it’s a must have for every girl , I mean if you’re a Kardashian hater , then you probably hate this palette aswell..

But as for me , I am obsessed with heavy contour and highlight , yeah I hate cakin up , but there actually is a way to get full coverage without looking like a birthday cake.. I’ll talk about that later in the future 😉

but right now I’m gonna show you guys how absolutely gorgeous this is

So my palette is in medium , it has the shades:

edited AB 1.jpg

1.Banana-pale yellow

2.Warm coral-orange pink

3.Cream-golden wheat

4.Cinnamon-reddish brown

5.Chocolate-coconut shell

6.Ash brown-cool medium brown

( if you’re a makeup noob reading this , I’ll talk about how contouring works in the future … so you can please do the honor of subscribing to my blog to immediately get notified when I do so 😉 )

now lemme show you guys the shades

edited AB 2.jpg

so that’s what the shades look on my skin , and they look twice is good on my face! , I mean they can make an ugly person like me look good , I get compliments on my makeup everywhere I go , because they say it’s natural looking ,thats because I contour very technically , trying not to look cakey .

I do the Kylie Jenner inspired makeup and if you love her or hate her , you gotta admit her makeup is always fleeking! , I go for her famous golden shimmery eyelids look and this palette totally perfects the look with contouring.

I’ll do a Kylie Jenner inspired makeup look in the future (again lol)..

so stay tuned guys until next time

that’s it for now , see you guys later ❤

Fasolia Recipe (Traditional Yemeni breakfast)

Hello there , G mirza here

So today I’m back with another recipe! the extremely tempting ” Fasolia ” pronounced “فاصوليا” in arabic , this is one of my favourite middle eastern dishes , It goes great with shai Adeni ( tea adeni ) Aden is a city in Yemen.

Me and my parents go to the traditional Yemeni restaurant quite often , we’re absolutely in love with everything about it , but after a while , I thought why not make it at home!

The ingredients are super simple , and this recipe turned out close to the Fasolia I had at the restaurant.

so here are the simple ingredients you’re gonna need:

1 cup red beans  ( or you can use three store bought cans  )

1 green pepper

1 tomato

1 big onion

3 cloves garlic

1/4 cup tomato paste

salt to taste

a pinch of black pepper

1 teaspoon powdered cumin

1 teaspoon paprika or red chilli powder

3 tablespoons olive oil


Now heres how you make it:

  1. put the beans in a pressure cooker with 5 cups of water.
  2. Thinly slice the onion and chop the green pepper , fry in oil until soft.
  3. add the chopped tomato , garlic , spices and and tomato paste , add a cup of water , cook until it turns into a thick tomato soup.
  4. When the beans are cooked , drain them and pour into the tomato soup , ( no need to drain the store bought cans , you can just pour them in directly )
  5. cook the beans in the tomato soup on medium heat for 5-10 minutes and mash a portion of them leaving some beans whole.
  6. serve the Fasolia in a tradional clay pot  garnished with corriander or parsley.


So yeah guys that was my latest recipe , I hope you enjoyed it , do let me know what you think about it!

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The Body Shop Insta Blur primer review

When The Body Shop® released this InstaBlur® primer , I saw a lot of people on the internet review this product and so I decided to do a review aswell now that I’ve tried and tested it in multiple ways….

Ofcourse all of us might not have the same opinion about it , some people liked the primer and some hated it.

Well in my experience, the primer is ..well ..ok , but I’m not saying its bad , but I personally think it’s for women with naturally flawless skin.

Basically the main purpose of a primer is to hold the makeup, make it last longer , and people like me use primers for heavy coverage ( yes I have alot of acne scars unfortunately).

So when I used this product as it should be used ( underneath foundation ) I found my makeup looking horribly cakey , plus it wont even blend the foundation at all , and whilst applying makeup , it literally started falling off..

The reason why it falls off , its because its texture s sort of rubbery , and it obviously is made out of SILICONE! heres what it looks like↓


Actually I think the silicone’y texture is really awesome , and it smells like a typical BodyShop® foundation , but the problem is , I don’t think it should be used as a primer, instead it should be used all on its own , because it really does “Blur” all the pores and acne scars , and  this is perhaps the best product for an exotic , flawless woman who barely needs any makeup , because it does have a slight glow after application , and that is exactly how I use this product…

Whenever I don’t feel like wearing makeup , I just rub this into my skin , and it really satisfies me honestly …. less visible pores , less prominent acne scars .. it ain’t that bad!

Although it say’s it’s a ” 5 action perfector ” ..mmm I don’t know about that.. but I’d say it’s good for a summer photo shoot ( with them exotic VictoriasSecret® models ofcourse ,who can even rock  freckles! )

But as for me , well I’m sort of an ugly damsel who loves cakin up, so it’s definitely not the best choice for me.. so if you’re going to buy this product and happen to read this , please don’t expect exactly what it say’s , because no using it underneath your foundation is gonna be an absolute horrid experience , and its sort of pricey aswell (judging by it’s result it should be cheaper) I got it for 100 riyals (26 US dollars)  here in Saudi Arabia , and I literally would’ve gotten a respectable corrector from Givenchy®  ( which I bought later ) with just a few extra pennies , so not gonna say I hate it , but I kind of believe I wasted my money on that primer.

So be careful and test the product , I mean actually test the product before buying it .. and hopefully things’ll work out , and if not .. atleast you’ll save some money.

so yeah guys that was it , my review , I hope you found it useful

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Exclusive interview with Saudi Artist : Fatimah Al Nemer

English translation

Hosted by : Ghayda Mirza

About Fatima Al Nemer

” let’s start with the mediate of ” Al Nemer ”
The work of Saudi Artist  “Fatimah Al Nemer ” is inspired by the fact that ” the impact of humanity can not be ignored” , according to the eye perspective of the artist.

but that perspective is not a hometown directly ,  there is depth and  study of each movement in some aspects of the scene , that the Artist chooses to be the subject of  the painting ,  either  through aspects that suggest movement and dynamism that show some of the features of the artist with a social and cultural perspective close to it.

As for other scenes  that ensue , They happen to be the reality of the artist and stories with her , The stories and threads drawing in her paintings are not fleeting issues, but are chosen  experiences and stories  by the artist for its history and different tales to tell the Audience , and they may mean nothing to her in the past or present, but  they are rooted in her memory as an Artist , as it contributed so in a kind of intrinsic motivation to  those stories and special graphic symbols ,

And Some of the famous  conflicts of habits and ideas lie in them or even social issues in her community that resolved , she found a neutral thinking through her art
Fatima Al Namr made vibrant artistic creations through her  shows ,

” Shakhseehadh ” was her first personal exhibition (eternal) it was held in Jordan in 2008, she also  had an exhibition  in Saudi Arabia , and another exhibition survive and sin ,

and Exhibition (blade)  at the Sharjah Museum , she participated in many festivals and exhibitions .

” Fananiyyah Al Alamiyyah ”  exhibition of contemporary art primarily in the Museum of modern Art in Sweden ,

and at  the Museum of Prince Louise in Mumbai and his participation in the Islamic Shariah Arts Festival , and  participated in the Marmara Museum in Istanbul ,  and other posts in the Arab world , she also won  several awards, including first prize in the Saudi contemporary Art Fair 2010, and awards for the second youth competition in 2010.

What inspired you to make  Artwork when you started?

” In the beginning it was the obsession and love of beauty and art and searching for him through multiple trials, but with more depth
I realized that the message of art can be directed to the largest number of people in the world that are sublime and noble.”

Why did you choose art ?

” Art is not chosen  , it chose me and my life has become  whole now
I created it from dust. ”


 What gives you art?

”  my strength , from which I am able to find myself  ”

 Do you enjoy working in a collaboration ?

” I Adore  volunteering because  human rights should not differentiate between male or female, rich or poor,  white or Black i do it for the love of goodness and humanity. ”


If you were in a collaboration , what would you want from others ?

” I like  positive cooperation which stem’s
The encouragement , enthusiasm and cooperation of an individual,  and help’s give each other the right to deserve.”

Have you experienced voluntary work during the last years?

” Yes ,  Mostly in foreign exhibitions, i’ve  been to India and Sweden , Jordan and Dubai

all you need is force in one group in a society , and art  for peace and humanity , despite the different cultures and nationalities.
our posts in  India were in poor  villages with  kids  and we  played with them , went to their schools and decorated them , and gave them some supplies , and encouraged them we did like so in Sweden , the spirit of an artist on  kids Helps them to accept and live with each other and they learn this  through art. ”


How much time do you need for production artwork?

” There is no specific period of time to accomplish my work. Execution work may take time for implementation of two  or five years, and the reason  is Art in my view is a special philosophy , I find painting translating my thoughts instead of writing. ”

How do you deal with  your surroundings with criticism or objection to your progress ?

” I fought a lot in my beginning , especially from those around me, and my thoughts were labeled rebellious and bold , especially for that I am a woman , and it was  the reason for my departure from the environment

But my family support was the biggest motivation to keep being me ,  Now this power does not deny putting a female differed , and it became a voice and a decision  that can be defended.”

 Have you ever thought about teaching art?

” I have worked  several years in training and giving technical workshops to children and adults with a large number of relevant functional areas , and in the oldest technical workshops , a number of museums , art centers and  universities , both inside or outside the Kingdom , and had my last post  enriching knowledge. ”

 Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

” I see myself a woman and an artist proud of what I made and I will present as well as the name acquire him from all the world’s museums
And set up a private foundation to adopt a  development of talent ”

If you are awarded $2000 how would you spend Them?

”  I will invest them in buying my functional tools as usual , artistic work is an investment in my opinion. ”


What about your work position?

” I’m an artist totally dedicated to art ”

Do you see yourself in your work? How?

” Yes, art is my life…… now that I can not ignore it  , I will live with it and revive it
It is my native link to all of the world. ”

Do you feel confident about talking or writing about what you can do?

” My relationship with writing is not much friendly , but I love my diary and record my own thoughts in my blog , which I considered a precious treasure that can not be sacked by the codification of my life , and I adored the idea before , it processed and converted into artistic text …….. even if it’s a dream ….It must be codified. ”


What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses ?

” My only weakness is my family … and my strength is a technical point and my ambition to life. ”


What are the short and long term goals? How do you want to achieve these goals?

” I have many goals , but I will talk about  my activities during this year where i will offer you a gallery of the reduction of two years of continuous work , It will see the light soon on the month of January in each of the countries in the world from  London to Jeddah to Kuwait , Bahrain and Paris
And my involvement with the museum in America by total functional bridges
As well as my participation in the world of photography for the first time , the subject  is talking about the issue in the Arab world ” Ms. masculinity ” in the modern Gulf exhibition.
I will participate in Sharjah , as well as my participation in House Museum Paintball in Oman
and  my goals over the long presence of my business holdings of the ” Louvre ” Museum making my character embody all the art museums in The world as an artist  in order to leave a  message through art. ”

Who do you want to aspire ?

” I always aspire more wherever there is Art to be loved. ”

Whoa!!! guys that was THE most inspirational interview EVER! she truly is a potential Artist .. Please support her and show love and appreciation by following her social networks

Indeed nothing is as inspiring as Art with potential , I am dazzled by her remarkable speech!

what do you guys think? let me know in the comments below 🙂

Fatimah Al Namr’s contact :

Fatimah Al nemer Artist saudi
Email : al_n_amar@hotmail.coM
Instagram : artistfatimahalnemer
Snapchat :  fatimahalnemer
facebook : artistfatimahalnemer