One of the most important and rather affective aspects of photography…well to me …are details.

I always go out of the way in trying to capture a successful shot ,especially with …no offence to canon … but a rather crappy camera that die’s only by zooming in …I know thats soo annoying , but unfortunately , I gotta go with the flow for a while.

anyhow … what attracts me in a picture is , first the perspective and after that , details!

here’s why…. i’m like obsessed with taking photos of teeny weeny little bug’s , even though the freak the hell outta me , but i see many photographers out there , taking mind blowing captures of little microscopic bugs ,  they just inspire me soo much , despite my fear of creepy crawlers , sometimes they make me wanna crawl in mud just to watch THEM crawl!

I mean it’s weird  how i’m freaked out , and strangely obsessed with the same thing  … like  for example…

your in science class , and you see those creepy details on a bug that make you shudder!

but when you see the same little bug , beautifully captured in a picture  ,you just wanna march out in the woods , and literally let the whole army of ants eat you! 😀

nahh i’m just kidding x-D …my point is , when you get to KNOW something , you eventually learn to love it for the sake of it’s beauty!

and you can’t get to know whether if it’s beautiful , UNLESS you get close to it

such is the philosophy of life 🙂 , all it takes is a little courage , patience , effort and tolerance to get to the bottom of something ,like one cannot just find gold in a snap , you have to dig deeper , and that’s when you find the hidden treasure!

It’s like they say , a little really goes a long way ❤

(ps I would’ve taken more shots but there was a massive cockroach right next to the ant who was staring at me the whole time which i didn’t even notice , and apparently it was ready to jump right at my face)