SBS lens review

YO! wazzup people?  😉

so this a review for the mobile photography lenses i’ve been using since

I don’t know , like…….a couple months ago

but im absolutely loving them!

ok so basically , i’ve been watching  like.. alotta photographers … i mean IPHONE photographers using these mobile photography lenses , and i was like…WOW oh my god there soo cool! , and man i wanted em soo bad , so i helped myself to a local bookstore ( jarir bookstore , which is not just a bookstore 😉 ) in jeddah- saudi arabia

and i was on the hunt for those awesome lenses! and when i went to the smartphone accessories aisle , MAN I saw only the awesomest mobile photography gear in the world!

there was alotta stuff in there , but well i chose these ” SBS ” lenses

because it’s a 3 in 1 pack , basically it has a macro , wide and fish eye lens

so here are a couple pictures i took with these lenses


YES!  🙂 this picture was taken with an iphone 5 and the ” macro ” lens! i was really impressed by this lens because the flower and the ant were super SUPER tiny 🙂

ok so here’s another one


this picture was taken with an iphone 5 and the ” wide ” lens , what a wide lens does is basically it makes the whole scene fit into the picture , so i would totally recommend it for taking horizontal shot’s , like its really great for capturing a lovely sunset , OR it literally has the ability to fit the whole eiffel tower into the pic from a very close distance! so if you don’t have a nice camera yet and you love taking pictures of skyscrapers and huge towers like me … this lens will do the job for ya 🙂 .

so we got like one last lens left … here’s a result sample


so that picture was taken with an iphone and the ” Fish eye lens ”

so yeah i think it looks really gorgeous , this one is good for abstract photography , i mean if you wanna take an unusually  awesome shot , then the fish eye lens wont disapoint you at all .

and i’d say it’s probably worth it if can’t carry around a camera , or if you don’t have one ,it’ll serve you really when … like sometimes , something awesome jumps out all of the sudden , so if you have the mobile lens clipped on , such a situation makes it worth it .

and i think its a must have actually  😉

so yeah guys this is it , the ” SBS mobile photography lenses ” , i hope you found it helpful

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thankyou soo much for dropping in again

hope you’re all having an amazing day! ❤


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