Exclusive interview with Saudi Interior designer : Maha Al Ghanmi

Hello there you guys? hope you’re all having a great day!

So today I’m super excited to share with you guys   an exclusive interview with a reputed saudi interior designer , Maha Al Ghanmi herself! , her work is absolutely amazing and truly represents saudi culture in a beautiful way , so guess what?  today you guys get to hear some spectacular word’s from the Designer herself

so without further ado , here is the official interview 🙂

What is your position?

” Freelance Interior Designer. ”

Tell me a little about yourself?

” My name is Maha , i’ve been passionate for Art since my childhood , and I tried to improve myself in many aspects , until i found myself in Calligraphy and Interior design. ”

When did you start creating Artwork?

” I started making actual projects when i got in college ”

What inspired you to make Artwork when you started?

” The tools itself ”

Is Art a passion for you?

” It’s more than that ….it’s a lifestyle ”

What inspires you?

” Our history and heritage is my main inspiration ”

Do you enjoy collaboration work?

” It depends on who I’m collaborating with. ”

If you were in a collaboration , What would you want from others?

” Flexibility and sharing every step of the work. ”

Have you ever worked in a team situation?

” Yes , I worked with Artists ; Ahmed Al Fifi , Wijdan Aljahoury , and eng. Ahmed Al Ghunaim in Ala’an Artspace. ”

Where do you see your work taking you?

” Definitely a better place where everyone can enjoy and learn Art. ”

Have you ever been to or thought about Art School?

” I got my bachelor degree in Interior design , and i also try to take courses in Graphic design,    Calligraphy , Ornaments and Fine Art . ”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years ?

” A professional Calligrapher with a creative portfolio ”

If you were awarded $2000 how would you spend them ?

” I would Invest them. ”

What does your work stand for ?

” Always a positive message that can be delivered in a hidden yet simple Artwork. ”

Do you see yourself in your Artwork ? How ?

” I do , because they always talk about my beliefs or feelings in each single detail. ”

Do you feel confident about speaking or writing about what you do?

” Yes , because I do it from my heart , mind and soul. ”

What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses ?

” I think my biggest strengths and weaknesses are the same …… I want to learn and do everything. ”

What are your short and long range goals ? How do you want to achieve them ?

” Short range goals : to be a professional Calligrapher

Long range goals : to establish a place where i can teach Calligraphy ”

What motivates you ?

” Children’s spirit , and when i feel that i can inspire with what i do. ”

Describe yourself in one word..And why that word ?

” Maha … because there is no word that can describe me more than myself. ”



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hope your all having an amazing day!

Maha Al Ghanmi’s contact

Facebook : Maha GH

Instagram : Mahatart

Email : Mahigh3@gmail.com



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