Hello there everyone! welcome to my  world!

I  am ghayda mirza , aka. G Mirza , now firstly i wanna tell you guys the bitter truth

yes I’m just another kid trying to live up to my dreams , and all my pics are taken with an iphone 5 , samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus and a wee canon powershot SX150 IS ,

erh yeah actually I was super nervous on sharing that , but don’t worry

all I need  is a little time , and I’ll buy one of them legendary, super cool DSLR’s

well anyways .. it all started long ago , when I was a just a little girl , I absolutely loved taking pictures , it was like a sport to me , I would always mess around with my dads camera …….but since then , I had a taste for perspective

like I remember that one time , on a warm  sunny day at the park with my family

I saw  cranes  at the lake ,   I got super exited to take their pictures , my goal was to capture the crane with open wings and I succeeded!


YES! I took this when i was nine!

after that picture I felt like a billion dollars

and until that day every time i take a successful shot  , I feel the same enthusiasm as i did 9 years ago

but now my thirst has gotten bigger …  my dream is to be one of the top photographers in the world and represent beautiful elements in this world through my lense

my work is inspired by arts , nature , interior  and architecture , and that gave me the lust to travel the world ,but I can’t get anywhere without support from you guys! 🙂 …don’t forget to share  my site on social networks , subscribe and spread the word about my blog it would literally mean the world to me! I’ll be uploading a capture once every week  , please like share and comment

love you guys ❤


here’s a glimpse of some of the other captures from back when I was nine….



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