Exclusive interview with Saudi Artist : Fatimah Al Nemer

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Hosted by : Ghayda Mirza

About Fatima Al Nemer

” let’s start with the mediate of ” Al Nemer ”
The work of Saudi Artist  “Fatimah Al Nemer ” is inspired by the fact that ” the impact of humanity can not be ignored” , according to the eye perspective of the artist.

but that perspective is not a hometown directly ,  there is depth and  study of each movement in some aspects of the scene , that the Artist chooses to be the subject of  the painting ,  either  through aspects that suggest movement and dynamism that show some of the features of the artist with a social and cultural perspective close to it.

As for other scenes  that ensue , They happen to be the reality of the artist and stories with her , The stories and threads drawing in her paintings are not fleeting issues, but are chosen  experiences and stories  by the artist for its history and different tales to tell the Audience , and they may mean nothing to her in the past or present, but  they are rooted in her memory as an Artist , as it contributed so in a kind of intrinsic motivation to  those stories and special graphic symbols ,

And Some of the famous  conflicts of habits and ideas lie in them or even social issues in her community that resolved , she found a neutral thinking through her art
Fatima Al Namr made vibrant artistic creations through her  shows ,

” Shakhseehadh ” was her first personal exhibition (eternal) it was held in Jordan in 2008, she also  had an exhibition  in Saudi Arabia , and another exhibition survive and sin ,

and Exhibition (blade)  at the Sharjah Museum , she participated in many festivals and exhibitions .

” Fananiyyah Al Alamiyyah ”  exhibition of contemporary art primarily in the Museum of modern Art in Sweden ,

and at  the Museum of Prince Louise in Mumbai and his participation in the Islamic Shariah Arts Festival , and  participated in the Marmara Museum in Istanbul ,  and other posts in the Arab world , she also won  several awards, including first prize in the Saudi contemporary Art Fair 2010, and awards for the second youth competition in 2010.

What inspired you to make  Artwork when you started?

” In the beginning it was the obsession and love of beauty and art and searching for him through multiple trials, but with more depth
I realized that the message of art can be directed to the largest number of people in the world that are sublime and noble.”

Why did you choose art ?

” Art is not chosen  , it chose me and my life has become  whole now
I created it from dust. ”


 What gives you art?

”  my strength , from which I am able to find myself  ”

 Do you enjoy working in a collaboration ?

” I Adore  volunteering because  human rights should not differentiate between male or female, rich or poor,  white or Black i do it for the love of goodness and humanity. ”


If you were in a collaboration , what would you want from others ?

” I like  positive cooperation which stem’s
The encouragement , enthusiasm and cooperation of an individual,  and help’s give each other the right to deserve.”

Have you experienced voluntary work during the last years?

” Yes ,  Mostly in foreign exhibitions, i’ve  been to India and Sweden , Jordan and Dubai

all you need is force in one group in a society , and art  for peace and humanity , despite the different cultures and nationalities.
our posts in  India were in poor  villages with  kids  and we  played with them , went to their schools and decorated them , and gave them some supplies , and encouraged them we did like so in Sweden , the spirit of an artist on  kids Helps them to accept and live with each other and they learn this  through art. ”


How much time do you need for production artwork?

” There is no specific period of time to accomplish my work. Execution work may take time for implementation of two  or five years, and the reason  is Art in my view is a special philosophy , I find painting translating my thoughts instead of writing. ”

How do you deal with  your surroundings with criticism or objection to your progress ?

” I fought a lot in my beginning , especially from those around me, and my thoughts were labeled rebellious and bold , especially for that I am a woman , and it was  the reason for my departure from the environment

But my family support was the biggest motivation to keep being me ,  Now this power does not deny putting a female differed , and it became a voice and a decision  that can be defended.”

 Have you ever thought about teaching art?

” I have worked  several years in training and giving technical workshops to children and adults with a large number of relevant functional areas , and in the oldest technical workshops , a number of museums , art centers and  universities , both inside or outside the Kingdom , and had my last post  enriching knowledge. ”

 Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

” I see myself a woman and an artist proud of what I made and I will present as well as the name acquire him from all the world’s museums
And set up a private foundation to adopt a  development of talent ”

If you are awarded $2000 how would you spend Them?

”  I will invest them in buying my functional tools as usual , artistic work is an investment in my opinion. ”


What about your work position?

” I’m an artist totally dedicated to art ”

Do you see yourself in your work? How?

” Yes, art is my life…… now that I can not ignore it  , I will live with it and revive it
It is my native link to all of the world. ”

Do you feel confident about talking or writing about what you can do?

” My relationship with writing is not much friendly , but I love my diary and record my own thoughts in my blog , which I considered a precious treasure that can not be sacked by the codification of my life , and I adored the idea before , it processed and converted into artistic text …….. even if it’s a dream ….It must be codified. ”


What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses ?

” My only weakness is my family … and my strength is a technical point and my ambition to life. ”


What are the short and long term goals? How do you want to achieve these goals?

” I have many goals , but I will talk about  my activities during this year where i will offer you a gallery of the reduction of two years of continuous work , It will see the light soon on the month of January in each of the countries in the world from  London to Jeddah to Kuwait , Bahrain and Paris
And my involvement with the museum in America by total functional bridges
As well as my participation in the world of photography for the first time , the subject  is talking about the issue in the Arab world ” Ms. masculinity ” in the modern Gulf exhibition.
I will participate in Sharjah , as well as my participation in House Museum Paintball in Oman
and  my goals over the long presence of my business holdings of the ” Louvre ” Museum making my character embody all the art museums in The world as an artist  in order to leave a  message through art. ”

Who do you want to aspire ?

” I always aspire more wherever there is Art to be loved. ”

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Fatimah Al Namr’s contact :

Fatimah Al nemer Artist saudi
Email : al_n_amar@hotmail.coM
Instagram : artistfatimahalnemer
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Exclusive interview with Saudi Interior designer : Maha Al Ghanmi

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So today I’m super excited to share with you guys   an exclusive interview with a reputed saudi interior designer , Maha Al Ghanmi herself! , her work is absolutely amazing and truly represents saudi culture in a beautiful way , so guess what?  today you guys get to hear some spectacular word’s from the Designer herself

so without further ado , here is the official interview 🙂

What is your position?

” Freelance Interior Designer. ”

Tell me a little about yourself?

” My name is Maha , i’ve been passionate for Art since my childhood , and I tried to improve myself in many aspects , until i found myself in Calligraphy and Interior design. ”

When did you start creating Artwork?

” I started making actual projects when i got in college ”

What inspired you to make Artwork when you started?

” The tools itself ”

Is Art a passion for you?

” It’s more than that ….it’s a lifestyle ”

What inspires you?

” Our history and heritage is my main inspiration ”

Do you enjoy collaboration work?

” It depends on who I’m collaborating with. ”

If you were in a collaboration , What would you want from others?

” Flexibility and sharing every step of the work. ”

Have you ever worked in a team situation?

” Yes , I worked with Artists ; Ahmed Al Fifi , Wijdan Aljahoury , and eng. Ahmed Al Ghunaim in Ala’an Artspace. ”

Where do you see your work taking you?

” Definitely a better place where everyone can enjoy and learn Art. ”

Have you ever been to or thought about Art School?

” I got my bachelor degree in Interior design , and i also try to take courses in Graphic design,    Calligraphy , Ornaments and Fine Art . ”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years ?

” A professional Calligrapher with a creative portfolio ”

If you were awarded $2000 how would you spend them ?

” I would Invest them. ”

What does your work stand for ?

” Always a positive message that can be delivered in a hidden yet simple Artwork. ”

Do you see yourself in your Artwork ? How ?

” I do , because they always talk about my beliefs or feelings in each single detail. ”

Do you feel confident about speaking or writing about what you do?

” Yes , because I do it from my heart , mind and soul. ”

What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses ?

” I think my biggest strengths and weaknesses are the same …… I want to learn and do everything. ”

What are your short and long range goals ? How do you want to achieve them ?

” Short range goals : to be a professional Calligrapher

Long range goals : to establish a place where i can teach Calligraphy ”

What motivates you ?

” Children’s spirit , and when i feel that i can inspire with what i do. ”

Describe yourself in one word..And why that word ?

” Maha … because there is no word that can describe me more than myself. ”



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Maha Al Ghanmi’s contact

Facebook : Maha GH

Instagram : Mahatart

Email : Mahigh3@gmail.com