Exclusive interview with Saudi Interior designer : Maha Al Ghanmi

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So today I’m super excited to share with you guys   an exclusive interview with a reputed saudi interior designer , Maha Al Ghanmi herself! , her work is absolutely amazing and truly represents saudi culture in a beautiful way , so guess what?  today you guys get to hear some spectacular word’s from the Designer herself

so without further ado , here is the official interview 🙂

What is your position?

” Freelance Interior Designer. ”

Tell me a little about yourself?

” My name is Maha , i’ve been passionate for Art since my childhood , and I tried to improve myself in many aspects , until i found myself in Calligraphy and Interior design. ”

When did you start creating Artwork?

” I started making actual projects when i got in college ”

What inspired you to make Artwork when you started?

” The tools itself ”

Is Art a passion for you?

” It’s more than that ….it’s a lifestyle ”

What inspires you?

” Our history and heritage is my main inspiration ”

Do you enjoy collaboration work?

” It depends on who I’m collaborating with. ”

If you were in a collaboration , What would you want from others?

” Flexibility and sharing every step of the work. ”

Have you ever worked in a team situation?

” Yes , I worked with Artists ; Ahmed Al Fifi , Wijdan Aljahoury , and eng. Ahmed Al Ghunaim in Ala’an Artspace. ”

Where do you see your work taking you?

” Definitely a better place where everyone can enjoy and learn Art. ”

Have you ever been to or thought about Art School?

” I got my bachelor degree in Interior design , and i also try to take courses in Graphic design,    Calligraphy , Ornaments and Fine Art . ”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years ?

” A professional Calligrapher with a creative portfolio ”

If you were awarded $2000 how would you spend them ?

” I would Invest them. ”

What does your work stand for ?

” Always a positive message that can be delivered in a hidden yet simple Artwork. ”

Do you see yourself in your Artwork ? How ?

” I do , because they always talk about my beliefs or feelings in each single detail. ”

Do you feel confident about speaking or writing about what you do?

” Yes , because I do it from my heart , mind and soul. ”

What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses ?

” I think my biggest strengths and weaknesses are the same …… I want to learn and do everything. ”

What are your short and long range goals ? How do you want to achieve them ?

” Short range goals : to be a professional Calligrapher

Long range goals : to establish a place where i can teach Calligraphy ”

What motivates you ?

” Children’s spirit , and when i feel that i can inspire with what i do. ”

Describe yourself in one word..And why that word ?

” Maha … because there is no word that can describe me more than myself. ”



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Maha Al Ghanmi’s contact

Facebook : Maha GH

Instagram : Mahatart

Email : Mahigh3@gmail.com



Chocolate french macarons recipe

hey guys so here’s another recipe that’s really trending these days

everybody loves those darling french macarons ❤

I found a recipe on the internet for normal french macarons , thought i’d turn in into chocolate!

so you guys should know that the french macaron’s are really technical to make , and require alotta patience , and do remember they won’t come out perfect every single time you make them ( unless you’re a master chef ) , the might crack  or won’t come out with feet , all sorts of disasters can happen ..so don’t be disappointed if they turn out bad

so here’s a recipe i experimented with

Ingredients :

3/4 cup almond flour

2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

1 cup powdered sugar

2 1/2 tablespoons granulated sugar

2 egg whites ( room temperature )

Directions :

  1. in a large bowl , sift together almond flour , powdered sugar and cocoa powder , set aside
  2. beat the eggs whites in a stand mixer on medium speed for 3 minutes , when the egg whites start to foam , slowly sprinkle in the granulated sugar while mixing.
  3.  Turn the mixer to the highest speed and beat for 4 minutes or until the egg whites get stiff and won’t budge when you take out and shake the whisk.
  4. slowly start folding in the egg whites into the almond mixture with a rubber spatula , fold in 2 batches , DON’T mix it for too long  , mixing it either more or less will ruin the macaron’s , make sure you give it 50 stroke’s total , the batter should be lava like.
  5. pour the batter into a piping bag , cover a flat rectangular baking pan with a baking sheet , and start piping out little circles , then leave them for 20 minutes.
  6. after 20 minutes lightly poke the circles , it should have a thick plastic’y coat and  shouldn’t stick to your finger.
  7. bake them on medium to high heat , take them out when done.
  8. after they cool down fill these little darlings with butter cream frosting like little burgers  then serve! 😉




hope you all enjoyed the recipe 🙂

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Basbousa recipe (Egyptian cake)

waddup people? 🙂

so here’s another requested recipe that i’m gonna share with you guys here

everybody’s favourite Arab street food , the indulgious basbousa!

now if you guys go to the internet trying to find a nice basbousa recipe , don’t waste your time because most of those recipes out there will totally end up in a disaster!

my philosophy of recipe research is basically trying out a whole bunch of recipes from different chefs and then adjusting my OWN ratio of ingredients , now of course everything doesn’t work for everyone ,but i’m telling you guys that i’ve heard alot of recipes and recommendations , but they just won’t work!

So when i heard people like , don’t do  this , don’t do that …I actually started to do the opposite of what they told me …like for example

someone told me its great with yogurt …I never put yogurt

someone told me to NEVER use eggs…..i put two eggs!  ….i don’t mean to be disrespectful or anything … but my point is , what’s wrong with trying? and WHY not? the best way to master something is actually trying it over and over..

so after alot of experiments … I finally put together a fool proof recipe that wont disapoint you!

so basically i learned without eggs your basbousa is going to collapse! , use as less baking powder as possible and DON’T pour boiling hot syrup over your basbousa!

otherwise you’ll  mess it up and end with a  tantrum blaming the mess on whoever walked in on you when you were baking ( yeah it happens to me every time i fail in a recipe …my bad )

so anyhow 🙂 here are the ingredients for the basbousa  :

2 cups semolina

2 eggs ( room temperature )

8 tablespoons of butter at room temperature

1 cup of granulated sugar

1/4 teaspoon of baking powder

1/4 cup milk

split almonds ( or whole )


1. preheat the oven , then in a large bowl mix together eggs , sugar and butter , beat it with a hand mixer or just a spatula ( i use a spatula ) for 2 minutes or until the mixture is slightly fluffy , add the milk and mix well.

2. mix in the semolina and baking powder , mix it well for a minute .

3. pour the mixture in a baking pan or a traditional tempered traditional dish because i think it looks pretty , and i’ve seen basbousa in bakeries baked in these ceramic dishes  ( like in the example below )

cut squares or  diamonds , whichever you prefer and top with almonds here’s an example  (it’s baked though )



4. bake the basbousa on the bottom burner until it doesn’t budge when you shake it , then turn on the top burner , bake until golden brown , then take it out from the oven and pour the sugar syrup  on the basbousa until it’s half full  , i would recommend just a little bit more than half ( syrup should be lukewarm , hot but won’t burn you if put your finger in ) leave it covered for ten minutes .. then serve! 🙂

Sugar syrup recipe

ingredients :

3 cups of sugar

1 cup water

4 tablespoons honey

1 teaspoon lemon juice

Directions :

  1. pour water and sugar in a sauce pan over high heat , keep stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved , cook for a minute then remove from heat .
  2. add in the honey and lemon juice stir well , then let it cool down.


Okay you guys so that’s the basbousa recipe , i hope y’all enjoyed it

try it out and do let me know how it went in the comments below , if you have any questions don’t be shy  , ill always make sure to answer your questions 😉

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SBS lens review

YO! wazzup people?  😉

so this a review for the mobile photography lenses i’ve been using since

I don’t know , like…….a couple months ago

but im absolutely loving them!

ok so basically , i’ve been watching  like.. alotta photographers … i mean IPHONE photographers using these mobile photography lenses , and i was like…WOW oh my god there soo cool! , and man i wanted em soo bad , so i helped myself to a local bookstore ( jarir bookstore , which is not just a bookstore 😉 ) in jeddah- saudi arabia

and i was on the hunt for those awesome lenses! and when i went to the smartphone accessories aisle , MAN I saw only the awesomest mobile photography gear in the world!

there was alotta stuff in there , but well i chose these ” SBS ” lenses

because it’s a 3 in 1 pack , basically it has a macro , wide and fish eye lens

so here are a couple pictures i took with these lenses


YES!  🙂 this picture was taken with an iphone 5 and the ” macro ” lens! i was really impressed by this lens because the flower and the ant were super SUPER tiny 🙂

ok so here’s another one


this picture was taken with an iphone 5 and the ” wide ” lens , what a wide lens does is basically it makes the whole scene fit into the picture , so i would totally recommend it for taking horizontal shot’s , like its really great for capturing a lovely sunset , OR it literally has the ability to fit the whole eiffel tower into the pic from a very close distance! so if you don’t have a nice camera yet and you love taking pictures of skyscrapers and huge towers like me … this lens will do the job for ya 🙂 .

so we got like one last lens left … here’s a result sample


so that picture was taken with an iphone and the ” Fish eye lens ”

so yeah i think it looks really gorgeous , this one is good for abstract photography , i mean if you wanna take an unusually  awesome shot , then the fish eye lens wont disapoint you at all .

and i’d say it’s probably worth it if can’t carry around a camera , or if you don’t have one ,it’ll serve you really when … like sometimes , something awesome jumps out all of the sudden , so if you have the mobile lens clipped on , such a situation makes it worth it .

and i think its a must have actually  😉

so yeah guys this is it , the ” SBS mobile photography lenses ” , i hope you found it helpful

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Pancakes recipe

heres another recipe that i get asked for alot , so BEHOLD  them legendary PANCAKES! 😉 ….mmm there’s nothing as satisfying as fresh hot pancakes with a nice cup of tea in the morning ,yup i’m a tea person , anyways  the pancakes recipe is no different than the waffles recipe , and it practically has the same ingredients and same ratio aswell..

so let’s get on with the recipe then …


2 cups  all purpose flour or plain flour or whole wheat flour for a rich source of fiber         (known as brown flour in some places )

2 cups of milk

2  1/2 teaspoons of baking powder

2 large eggs

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

a quarter teaspoons of salt

3 tablespoons melted unsalted butter , plus extra for greasing pan

Directions :

  1. whisk together milk , eggs and butter .
  2. mix flour , salt and sugar , then combine both wet and dry ingredients till you no longer see any lumps , a few lumps is ok .when the mixture is fully incorporated add the baking powder , mix well.
  3. heat the frying pan on a medium heat setting , do the water  drop test to make sure its hot enough .
  4. when the pan is ready , brush it with butter , and pour about a quarter cup of the batter ( or pour according to the size of the pancake you want)
  5. turn the pancake when its covered with bubbles on top , take em out on a serving plate.
  6. top the pancakes with maple syrup , butter and some berries …and the’re ready to be served.

so i hope you all enjoyed this recipe .. 🙂 feel free to ask any questions  , and leave a suggestion in the comments below for the next recipe..

hope your all having an AMAZING day! 🙂

HUMOR GAME : pssst … can you guys find a hidden word in the pancake? 😉 lets see if you can find it , its super obvious

waffles recipe

hey what’s up you guys? 🙂 ,  i’ve been hooked on food photography lately

so i was just cooking random stuff trying to take good shots… and cooking different things reminded me that  a couple people asked me to share my waffle recipe with them , and i forgot every single time  i thought why not i put it on my blog so it could help everyone! 🙂

so yeah waffles are not hard to make at all , no precise measurements needed really ,  and are perfect for breakfast ..so here’s what you gotta have to make them: a waffle maker ,  you can probably get one of those from walmart , and from hyper panda , carrefourre or Extra if you live in saudi arabia,  the one i got  as you can tell from the square shape , is a belgium waffle maker.

so here are the ingredients:

2 eggs

2 cups all purpose flour or plain flour ( you can use whole wheat flour aswell )

2 cups milk

2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

2 tablespoons sugar

quarter teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons of butter ( room temperature )

Directions :

(you can make them the traditional way by combining wet and dry ingredients separately )

but here’s how i make them

  1. preheat the waffle maker
  2. in a large bowl , mix together the milk and flour until you don’t see any lumps ( a few lumps is ok )
  3. then add in the sugar , salt and eggs , mix well
  4. then mix in the butter then add baking powder when you don’t see any traces of butter
  5. now check the heat of the waffle iron by putting a drop of water on it , if you feel like it’s hot enough , then start pouring  in the batter just enough to cover up the waffle tray , you don’t wanna put too much in it , you’ll just end up making a mess because it boils right out from the sides , and we don’t want that hassle of cleaning up
  6. close the lid and take the waffles out when you see steam coming out from the sides , now in some waffle makers , there is a green light that indicates when the waffle is done and you can just count on it , if you got one of those your lucky , but if you don’t have an indicator , then just make an estimation by the steam frequency , and most importantly ,( DONT open the waffle maker until you see steam coming out vigorously , you’ll end up making a mess out of curiosity), remove the waffles from the waffle maker when their completely done , set them aside on a wire rack if you prefer crisp , or you can just eat them right away.
  7. top with maple syrup , and butter and why not some berries? you can choose from a wide variety , my personal favourites are a handful of strawberry’s , raspberries  and blackberries , blueberries would be great aswell
  8. grab a knife and a fork and enjoy your waffles! 🙂

a few tips :

put the waffles in a toaster if you like them crispy like me 😉 , and using a mixer isn’t necessary , you can either whisk it with a whisk , or simply use a spatula , it really doesn’t make a difference , i mean without going into them fancy gluten theories ( correct me if i’m wrong no biggie )

so i hope you enjoyed the recipe ,try it and  let me know in the comments below about how it went , and also which recipe do you want me to share next?  I’ll share it as soon as i can

hope y’all enjoyed 🙂