waffles recipe

hey what’s up you guys? 🙂 ,  i’ve been hooked on food photography lately

so i was just cooking random stuff trying to take good shots… and cooking different things reminded me that  a couple people asked me to share my waffle recipe with them , and i forgot every single time  i thought why not i put it on my blog so it could help everyone! 🙂

so yeah waffles are not hard to make at all , no precise measurements needed really ,  and are perfect for breakfast ..so here’s what you gotta have to make them: a waffle maker ,  you can probably get one of those from walmart , and from hyper panda , carrefourre or Extra if you live in saudi arabia,  the one i got  as you can tell from the square shape , is a belgium waffle maker.

so here are the ingredients:

2 eggs

2 cups all purpose flour or plain flour ( you can use whole wheat flour aswell )

2 cups milk

2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

2 tablespoons sugar

quarter teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons of butter ( room temperature )

Directions :

(you can make them the traditional way by combining wet and dry ingredients separately )

but here’s how i make them

  1. preheat the waffle maker
  2. in a large bowl , mix together the milk and flour until you don’t see any lumps ( a few lumps is ok )
  3. then add in the sugar , salt and eggs , mix well
  4. then mix in the butter then add baking powder when you don’t see any traces of butter
  5. now check the heat of the waffle iron by putting a drop of water on it , if you feel like it’s hot enough , then start pouring  in the batter just enough to cover up the waffle tray , you don’t wanna put too much in it , you’ll just end up making a mess because it boils right out from the sides , and we don’t want that hassle of cleaning up
  6. close the lid and take the waffles out when you see steam coming out from the sides , now in some waffle makers , there is a green light that indicates when the waffle is done and you can just count on it , if you got one of those your lucky , but if you don’t have an indicator , then just make an estimation by the steam frequency , and most importantly ,( DONT open the waffle maker until you see steam coming out vigorously , you’ll end up making a mess out of curiosity), remove the waffles from the waffle maker when their completely done , set them aside on a wire rack if you prefer crisp , or you can just eat them right away.
  7. top with maple syrup , and butter and why not some berries? you can choose from a wide variety , my personal favourites are a handful of strawberry’s , raspberries  and blackberries , blueberries would be great aswell
  8. grab a knife and a fork and enjoy your waffles! 🙂

a few tips :

put the waffles in a toaster if you like them crispy like me 😉 , and using a mixer isn’t necessary , you can either whisk it with a whisk , or simply use a spatula , it really doesn’t make a difference , i mean without going into them fancy gluten theories ( correct me if i’m wrong no biggie )

so i hope you enjoyed the recipe ,try it and  let me know in the comments below about how it went , and also which recipe do you want me to share next?  I’ll share it as soon as i can

hope y’all enjoyed 🙂