The studio

welcome my lovely viewers!

now i was thinking why not give you guys ” The grand tour ” inside my  humble studio?

sounds like a great idea huh? well ….first i wanna tell you guys to lower your expectations a bit , like i told you in my home page , i am still workin on it 🙂

so yeah i’m gonna tell you guys frankly , i usually just hack it  because i don’t REALLY have what they call a “studio” , i mean i don’t even have a proper camera ..ill get to that later though

but first , i wanna show you guys what i like to call my mini  studio..


yup …you  see that little , not even a box but two walls made out of paper over here? that’s literally where i took most of my photos , yeah you can tell by the white bright background eh? 😉 or what do you guys think? ..oh and i hack the lighting by putting aluminium foil sheets where needed

now let’s look at my camera gadgets , which is an iphone 5 ( i don’t think i need to show that because we all know what an iphone looks like)

here’s the cameraIMG-20160711-WA0002

yeah …eheh … but hey i’m buying the latest model of Nikon VERY soon don’t worry..anyways all pics taken with a white background ( in the little box thingy) are taken with this

and yeah here are the rest of my trustee gadgets …


a samsung Galaxy tab .. and my favourite smartphone photography lenses

so yeah that’s pretty much it .. but i promise ” The grand tour” of my studio is about to get really grand in a while …keep in touch with me for cool photos every week  🙂

and if your a pro photographer reading this , feel free to leave suggestions or any advice..because i love listening to professionals

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thank you  for dropping by . hope your all having a great day! 🙂